Barrie Cohen PR works closely with clients to identify areas of their business that can be highlighted positively through the media in order to achieve greater growth and development. Through detailed pitches, BC PR is able to create compelling stories that showcase a businesses’ achievements.

In order to position a client effectively, Barrie Cohen PR works one-on-one with a business to learn the ins and outs of its operations, experiencing services first hand in order to accurately portray a company’s points of interest. Customized pitches highlight unique one-of-a-kind aspects of the businesses that captivate the media’s attention, ultimately leading to a media placement. Using a substantial database of reporters, producers, and media personnel, Barrie Cohen PR can pinpoint the right individual who may be interested in an interview.

To make sure that every client is comfortable and taken care of to the fullest extent, Barrie Cohen PR is thoroughly involved in the media interview process, accompanying clients to print, radio, and television media opportunities.

In addition to media relations, Barrie Cohen Public Relations specializes in organizing press conference opportunities. BC PR is experienced in orchestrating and executing press conferences to announce and launch a new business or service.


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